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Who We Are

We are 100% self-sustaining social enterprise – Books River Culture and Education 書河.

In 2020, Dr. Kau Kun Chui returned to Malaysia and began teaching at Xiamen University. She discovered that many educational issues needed solutions beyond the existing system. In 2022, she established the Book River Culture and Education Center (referred to as Books River Culture). The center focuses on promoting the circulation of books and cultural education reform, operating as a startup company with a combination of free pricing and free services. Dr.Kau personally invested in and established online Chinese and English tutoring classes, with a focus in student proficiency and practical application.

English classes are taught and supervised by Ms.Mak, who is based in the United States and has received positive feedback from students. MaK Tian Yong, M.A. NCC, is currently pursuing her doctoral degree at Marquette University.

In August 2023, Books River Culture and Education officially started recruiting students for the second phase of free Chinese and English tutoring classes and began public fundraising.

Books River Culture primarily offers two main services: Books River Bookstore and Books River Classroom. Both will develop online platforms and vigorously promote educational revolution and cultural exchange to contribute to the advancement of civilized society.

Books River Cultural and Education Founder - Dr Kau Kun Chui
Dr Kau Kun Chui

What We Do


Free English Tutoring Class

We teach more than just English. In the beginning, our students mainly came from resource-limited labor families or vulnerable groups, such as those with parents struggling with mental health issues or gambling addiction. What’s commendable is that our students are willing to open their phones or computers and attend classes on time.

In our designed curriculum, we cover various topics that touch on essential aspects of education: what food people need to eat, future social trends, new technology, the pursuit of life values, and, of course, topics that interest students, such as Jay Chou’s concert, and more. Our teachers emphasize patience and love, hoping to gradually lead these students towards a better life through free English classes.

Recently, we have also had some parents from middle-class families join. We aim to create more equal opportunities and equitably educate every child.


English Learning Community Group (WhatsApp)

Three teachers will provide information about the weekend three classes, and every day, they will irregularly share various videos, and drawings. proverbs, etc., related to English learning. This allows students with a Chinese learning background to be exposed to English every day, like watering a potted plant and receiving irrigation and nourishment

Recently, some middle-class parents from Malaysia and Hong Kong have joined, strengthening the information related to literature, culture, and history. In addition, our Chinese and English teachers welcome students to ask homework questions in the group and provide answers promptly.

For more information and photos, please check our Facebook page.


Free High School Chinese Language Class

This form of education is distinct from traditional school education, not following school textbooks for literature and ideological education.

Personally taught by Dr. Kau Kun Chui, the emphasis is on the ability to feel and think critically during the literary reading process.

Through the course, students are educated in time and financial planning, fostering an independent spirit, self-awareness, and the courage to face challenges.


Launching Drama English Classes

River Books Culture and Education launched an online English drama course in November 2023, and the response has been extremely positive. From plot development to performance, students have control over more than 80% of the dialogue. The content includes designing plots, considering dialogues, and managing emotions, time, and financial concepts.

During discussions, teachers encourage students to self- check on Google, create content conflicts, and more.


Soon, the students learned to check on Google. They also continuously corrected the pronunciation of unfamiliar words during the rehearsal process, such as the distinction between ‘Change’ and ‘Chance.’

After discussions and before performances, teachers correct the grammar of the dialogues created by students.


Introducing ChatGPT Mandarin and English Learning Program

Starting from December 17, 2023, allowing students to self- learn through Chat GPT.


Self Discovery Month

Every December, the reading and writing in our bilingual classes revolve around the theme of self-exploration. In our Chinese classes, students tell the teacher that they have rarely heard about ‘understanding oneself’ in school.

We are the opposite of traditional school education. We don’t teach for exams; we teach for application. So, there are no scores, no answers; there’s only how to understand the whole thing.



We strive to supplement students’ vocabulary, encourage them to create sentences, and understand grammar through reading and usage, rather than introducing it separately. I always ask them to design their English environment, watch English YouTube, listen to the news every day, try taking notes in English, etc.

Learning English is a long journey, just like self-exploration; both require step-by-step progress. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Stay tuned for our self- exploration journey during the December school holiday, and let’s strive together hand in hand!


Support us by purchasing our products so that we can
continue providing education to whoever needs that and also hiring more talents to teach the children.

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together we make our children better!

Tommy, traveller and baker who specializes in long fermentation process to nurture the taste.


A holistic and nurturing learning institution dedicated to helping underprivileged youths grow in a positive and stimulating environment.

We specialist in booklet printing in color or black and white and digital printing.

We help grow your business through technology and online channels.


Astro 经典名曲歌唱大赛主持人

Founded in 2009, we have pioneered Directed Self Study (DSS), a method that empowers you, the student, to set the pace at which you wish to progress.

Angel Mak (United States)

Angel Mak offers individual and family therapy for individuals of all ages, spanning from adults to children. She is based at United States.

Ediversity 教育大同 (HK)

We Are A Parent-initiated Charity Founded In 2014, promoting choice And diversity in education. With a vision “Happy And Fulfilling Education For All! “.

張協興茶行 Chang Hsie Shing Tea Shop

The fading traditional charcoal-roasted tea-making craft. Based at Taipei, Taiwan.




客家大學堂 Hakka Studies

“Hakka University” is a YouTube channel that introduces various aspects of Hakka language usage, Hakka culture, customs, Hakka cuisine, Hakka villages in Hong Kong, overseas Hakka communities, and more. It provides a comprehensive overview of Hakka people worldwide. “.

Il Villaggio Dei Bambini 童の村

We serve safe and quality child care with community, nature, and Reggio Emilia inspired Approach.

Impact Stories

Jane Tan

Jane, a student at Books River, improved his English proficiency through free tutoring. Now, he confidently communicates and pursues higher education.


Shirley, a single mother, accessed the Books River Bookstore for affordable resources. Her daughter excelled academically, breaking barriers through accessible education.

Ten-Year Financial Budget

Expected Achievements

Required Achievements

50 hours of free English classes and 50 hours of free Chinese classes each month (teacher hourly rate RM100), production of 50 short and long videos to disseminate knowledge. culture, and ideas, publishing two introductory reading books in collaboration with educational institutions in Hong Kong, the United States, and Taiwan.

Potential Achievements

Establish a series of free online Books River Learning Culture reading materials, create videos on self-learning concepts, and invite founders of diverse educational approaches to share their educational philosophies.

Future Possibilities

Raise more funds to offer additional subjects like applied mathematics, daily science courses, singing and creative writing, drawing, and spiritual healing, aiming to become a free online and physical school and implement the idea of unity for all.

Contact US


Kondominium Tiara Faber, 456, Jalan Desa Utama, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.



Frequently Asked Questions

Books River Cultural and Education

We are a group of teachers dedicated to providing free Chinese and English education to the public. After a year of volunteering for secondary school Chinese and English courses, we have noticed that many underprivileged children in society need free tutoring. We have decided to offer free Chinese and English tutoring for the coming year. Now, we need your support for our free tutoring initiative. We will be providing 5 free tutoring classes, benefiting over 200 students. In the short term, we currently need to raise RM12,000 for teacher allowances.

Each Teacher : RM50*4=RM200

Five Teachers : RM200*5=RM1000

One Year : RM1000*12=12000

If there is additional funding, we hope to allocate RM200 per month to hire a web assistant to handle enrolment and promotional aairs. The extra funds could also be used to prepare for the new era’s applied mathematics curriculum.

We need your support for our vision of serving the community. With just RM50 per month, you can help many students who cannot aord tutoring. This year, we have successfully completed over 30 weeks of free Chinese and English courses.

RM285,000 per year (All sponsors will have their names and company logos presented in books, publications, websites, and all visible media, Our Book River’s Angel Gan Jiang Han will also share your company’s sponsorship initiative on his Facebook.)

Pleases support our vision of serving the community. We hope to offer a wider range of subjects. When making payment, please specify Class-Hour Service (freeclass service). We will provide a receipt and create a special acknowledgment video in return!

RM150 per hour

Cost for half subjects = RM3,750 

Cost for one subjects = RM7,500 

Cost for two subjects = RM15,000 

Cost for three subjects = RM22,500

Cost for four subjects = RM30,000 

Cost for eight subjects = RM60,000

RM5,000 for a sponsorship unit, and the funds raised will be used to hire English teachers for River Books Culture and Education. (All sponsors will have their names and company logos presented in books, publications, websites, and all visible media, Our Book River’s Angel Gan Jiang Han will also share your company’s sponsorship initiative on his Facebook.)

RM5,000 for a sponsorship unit. (All sponsors will have their names and company logos presented in books, publications, websites, and all visible media, Our Book River’s Angel Gan Jiang Han will also share your company’s sponsorship initiative on his Facebook.)

Currently, the hourly fees for Chinese and English tutoring classes at Book River Culture and Education are entirely funded by Dr. Kau Kun Chui. In the long term, we plan to introduce applied mathematics courses. Our courses primarily focus on practical applications.

We sell carefully selected pesticide-free high-mountain Oolong Tea from Taiwan, 300g (priced at RM250). It is renowned as the annual premium tea selection. We also offer peanut butter made by a patient with depression that priced at RM40.

Please specify ‘Free service’ when making the transfer to the following account : 

Payment details: Books River Cultural and Education

Account number:620409960406 

Standard Chartered Malaysia

Swift code : SCBLMYKXXXX(For international transfers)

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